Learning Portals

Training Portal

The idea of a learning portal isn't new. Many firms use custom web and mobile access portals to support learning access on the go or in controlled environments. As training becomes more digital and users demand searchable content on the go, a learning portal can help put the right information at the right time in front of the right person, on-demand.

327 Solutions has years of experience in the design and development of web portals. Through integration with brand leadership, we can make disparate learning assets available to students in a cohesive framework.

Unified Design and Use

A unified user interface (UI) and well-designed user experience (UX) go a long way in communicating your brand, your intent and conveying messaging that students enjoy.

327 Solutions produces a unified web, mobile and cloud-based solutions that work across all technologies in a business.

Single Sign-On (SSO), HTML5, responsive websites and eLearning that works across devices, BYOD. It all requires design and use that welcomes the user and empowers the message. 327 Solutions brings this to life.

Competency Development and Tracking

"What gets measured gets done..." - Unknown

Supporting a multi-generational workforce isn't easy. With the conjoining of the Thumbs and Baby Boomers, we have five active generations in the workforce, all looking to perform and all who learn and consume data differently.

Luckily, with today's technology, we can keep the workforce moving forward and get down to the individual level accomplishments of each worker, engaging at levels not possible just ten years ago.

327 Solutions has decades of experience working with organizations’ competency models to help bring them into the digital age including Individual Development Planning, cloud-based Resource Guides, digital assignments, coaching, and 360 reporting to help managers maximize the value and performance of their workers.