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327 Solutions Launching eMASS Training

327 Solutions is happy to announce our latest course adding to our deep content and experience in RMF training for the DoD and cybersecurity. 

Course Description

eMASS (Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service) is a government-owned web-based application. This application supports cybersecurity program management and is pinnacle in the migration from DIACAP to the Risk Management Framework (RMF / RMF for DoD). 327 will be launching a course framework that teaches student the features of eMASS specific to their roles. The program describes the role of eMASS in the Department of Defense’s Rick Management Framework for Information Technology, defines the implement of eMASS’s Authorization Process, and covers operating through eMASS for the support, creation, assessment, and authorization of a completed RMF A&A package. 

This 3-5 day course framework can be scheduled online only and includes one-on-one program topic alignment with a DIACAP to RMF expert. 

Course Outline

What is eMASS?

  • Intro
  • What is eMASS?
  • What does eMASS do?
  • Why is eMASS important?
  • eMASS System Enhancements
  • eMASS Roles
  • Access eMASS
  • eMASS Home
  • eMASS Logo and Help tab
  • Instructions and Filter Options
  • Error Messages

Authorization Process Part 1 – New System Registration

  • Intro
  • Objectives
  • Authorization Overview
  • New Registration Overview
  • Registration Step One: System Profile Information
  • Registration Step 2a: Control Selection
  • Registration Step 2b: Manage Controls
  • Registration Step 3: Inheritance
  • Inheritance
  • Registration Step Four: Roles
  • Registration Step Five: Review and Submit
  • Resume Registration

Authorization Process Part 2 – Import Packages, Templates and System Migration

  • Intro
  • Objectives
  • System Export
  • Package Import
  • Template Import
  • Managing the POA&M
  • Template Import Scenario
  • System Migration
  • System Migration Additional Information

Authorization Process Part 3 – Manage a System

  • Intro
  • Objectives
  • Authorization Overview
  • System Management – System Main Controls Tab
  • Asset Manager
  • Implementation Plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • POA&M
  • Artifacts Tab
  • Assessing Security Controls
  • Artifacts Tab (Cont.)
  • Reports
  • Package Tab
  • System Management
  • System Management – Inheritance
  • System Management Tab

Authorization process Part 4 – Manage a Package

  • Intro
  • Objectives
  • Managing Authorization Package
  • Submit a Package
  • Review a Package
  • Apply an Assessment Decision
  • Apply an Authorization Determination
  • Digital Signature

System Administration

  • Intro
  • Objectives
  • Navigating Admin Functions
  • Search Users
  • Pending Users
  • Groups
  • Organization
  • Lookup tables
  • Communications
  • Email Scenario
  • Workflow
  • STIGs
  • Reports
  • Intro
  • Objectives


  • Access Reports
  • Categories of Reports
  • Generate Reports – Example

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