Upskill your team with all-in-one professional leadership to help assess competence, guide the development of new strategies and implement comprehensive learning interventions. Our subject matter experts bring unrivaled, hands-on experience in the pharmaceutical, telecommunication, manufacturing, technology, and defense industries to provide real, tangible value to your projects.

We excel at driving innovative, rapid learning solutions that improve performance and allow your team to maximize their capabilities and achieve their goals.

Workshop Development

Virtual Instructor-Led Workshops (vILT)

Provide your team with professional training that is optimized for virtual-live learning. Our expert training designers and facilitators deliver strategies and content through all synchronous web platforms to students around the globe. Our mastery of instructional design and management techniques guarantee successful outcomes.

Blended Learning Workshops

Bring in the absolute best learning architects to instruct your team both in-person and online. Our blended model will ensure that you can support multiple learning styles and aptitudes while maximizing technological advances. Your team will gain experience and in-depth knowledge of first-in-class resources and tools, whenever and wherever they want.

Instructor-Led Workshops (ILT)

Centralize your learning processes and encourage strong personal bonds with in-person training that is rooted in one-on-one interactions. Our intensive, all-in-one training programs maximize team building, skill development, and knowledge transfer. Your team will experience exactly what it is like to work directly with industry-leading subject matter experts while benefiting from the highest quality education possible.

eLearning Development

Create your own customized eLearning program with the help of our professional training experts, who will guide you through the entire process—from ideation to launch. Your team will benefit from easy-to-access eLearning solutions that meet the needs of a mobile, just-in-time workforce operating on a global scale. Our professionals have constructed hundreds of programs and can meet your needs using any combination of technologies. Including but not limited to:

Learning Strategy

Improve your internal operations with all-in-one workforce competencies that connect directly to your business strategy. Whether you are representing a Fortune 2000 company or one of the largest employers in the United States, our learning strategists will help accelerate and fine-tune the learning and development programs necessary to drive your business and human capital forward.

Virtual Resources

Create customized strategies to meet your organizational goals with educational professionals that understand the unique needs of online learning and leverage the best-in-class project management and file-sharing tools.

Onsite Resources

Go beyond consulting and bring our world-class learning strategists in-house to expedite your most critical projects. With outstanding contingent resources at your fingertips, you can be sure that your team will have what they need to take performance to the next level.

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