Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) – ISACA Authorized Bootcamp

CISA Accredited Partner

Are you considering adding a CISA Certification to your professional credentials in 2022? If so, this post will explain the program, the process to gain certification, and help you understand different methods of getting to your CISA certified goal. 327 Solutions is an ISACA Accredited Partner and Authorized Training Organization.

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First off, CISA is one of ISACA’s most popular certifications, with over one hundred thousand certification holders. Right now, ISACA has eight total certifications across Risk, Audit, Management, Governance, Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, Emerging Technology, and general Information Technology. So they genuinely do have an excellent roster of courses. With the addition of new certificate programs (IT Risk Fundamentals / Cloud Auditing / Computing Fundamentals, Networks, and Infrastructure Fundamentals), ISACA continues to roll out relevant and valuable training programs.

Why CISA for your Certification?

  1. Provides a valid credential for enterprises, employees, and partners
  2. Elevates individual and service provider social media value and professional reputation
  3. The CISA credential can be a required certification to get your resume to the top of the pile
  4. Beyond capability, CISA is a market of someone who can approach business with safety, privacy, and security in mind.
  5. CISA can help individuals and corporate leadership create more effective teams and reduce turnover.
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The Five Domains of CISA

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The CISA program is segmented into five distinct domains of knowledge. They include the following.

  1. Information Systems Auditing Process
  2. Governance and Management of IT
  3. Information Systems Acquisition Development and Implementation
  4. Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience
  5. Protection of Information Assets

The exam is split into the following five domains, and we would be happy to help you prepare confidently for the test.

The exam is split into the following five domains, and we would be happy to help you prepare confidently for the test.

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How to Get Trained and Certified for CISA

Are you ready to prepare yourself for the CISA exam? Well, you’ll find out quickly that there are a tremendous number of ways to get to the goal. First, take an honest inventory of the type of learner you are, how quickly you need to accomplish this goal, if you must have a high level of assurance you’ll pass, and others. Some of which follow.

  1. Instructor-Led Certification Bootcamp (physical or virtual-live)
  2. Self-Paced eLearning
  3. Self-Study
  4. Persistent Training Environment

327 Solutions is the ONLY ISACA Authorized ATO that delivers the complete ISACA learning kit (Authorized Review Manual, QAE Exam Review Questions, Testing Voucher, and ISACA Membership) that uses a Persistent Learning Environment (PTE). What is a PTE?

A PTE is a hybrid of human, technology, and self-directed methods to continue learning if a student is not ready to take the exam immediately. Of course, many students can pass the CISA exam after our training, but those who need some additional hand-holding through coaching will get it.

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You see, many vendors advertise 94% or 97% passing rates of higher. For starters, that’s not truthful, so shame on the industry. Initial exam passing rates in the cyber/risk training industry average just under 80%, and that’s good. They don’t tell you that after training if you fail, you can “retake the class at no charge” as part of their certification guarantee. So yes, after taking the class 2x, 3x, 4x times, you’ll likely pass and become part of that lucky ~95%+.

We think that’s a terrible waste of time, so instead, we developed our custom Persistent Training Environment (PTE). We deliver a fantastic Authorized Instructor-Led BootCamp (like the rest), but that’s where most stop and 327 Solutions starts. We also record your training event, program it into a modular eLearning experience (exclusive to 327), post it to our custom PTE system giving you 3-months of unlimited training access (exclusive to 327). Lastly, we coach you on the exam for three weeks (a 327 exclusive). That’s an extra 12-hours of training, and exam coaching focused on YOU at no additional charge to ensure passing the exam.

327 Solutions has a 100% Certification Guarantee. So if you attend our training, take part in our coaching, and fail the exam, which is very unlikely in our PTE, you are coached until you pass the exam with an assigned certification agent. So nobody gets left behind at 327 Solutions, ever, 100% of the time.

To learn more, get in touch with us here, or call 888-327-7038 (option 1).