• Vendor: OT/ICS
  • Class: 2 Days
  • Voucher: Yes
  • Certification: ICS Practitioners Security Certified
  • Exam Method: Exam In-Class or Voucher
  • 2 Days
  • Virtual - Live

Class Is Recorded with Unlimited Access for 90-Days

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100 % Exam Pass Guarantee

12-Additional Hours of Exam Review at No Charge


The NCSC Certified Training ICS Practitioners Security course, which has also been accredited as CIISec Accredited Training, has been designed to provide those at Practitioner or equivalent level with an understanding of today’s cyber security challenges facing their ICS environments. This would also benefit those engaging with an ICS environment for the first time. This knowledge is vital when managing the day-to-day running of all aspects of security risk for those environments.

This course will show students how to best protect and support their organization’s cyber security and risk mitigation/reduction strategies for the ICS environments. All students have the option to undertake the associated exam to qualify for the ‘Foundation Certificate in ICS Security Principles.’

Benefits of Training at 327 Solutions

  1. Pass your exam, guaranteed (if you don’t pass, you’ll be coached until you do)
  2. Intensive Authorized Virtual-Live or Physical-Site Training
  3. YOUR live class is recorded and turned into eLearning with 3-months of access via the student portal


Session 1: Background

  • An exploration of ICS terminology and a description of the elements involved
  • What are the differences and similarities between IT and OT?
  • What does your ICS Attack Surface look like?
  • An introduction to ICS Security risk
  • What Threats to your ICS exist?
  • Where might your environment be vulnerable

Session 2: Securing ICS

  • What is the Purdue model and how does it work in reality?
  • Securing legacy and existing systems
  • How to plan to reduce the security risk to your ICS environments
  • Best Practice Operational Security
  • How to understand Vendor and Supply Chain risk
  • How to build security into the procurement process

Session 3: Security Incident Management

  • Security Incident identification
  • Security Incident response
  • Security Incident Recovery

Session 4: Cyber Incident Tabletop Exercise

    • ICS Cyber Interactive exercise
    • Wrap Up/Exam

Session 5: Eradication

  • The main aims of eradication
  • Remove or restore?
  • Improvement after

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