ICS_405 – Securing ICS: Becoming an Industrial Cyber Security Professional

  • Vendor: OT/ICS
  • Class: 5 Days
  • Voucher: Yes
  • Certification: Industrial Cyber Security Professional
  • Exam Method: Exam In-Class or Voucher
  • 5 Days
  • Virtual - Live

Class Is Recorded with Unlimited Access for 90-Days

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100 % Exam Pass Guarantee

12-Additional Hours of Exam Review at No Charge


The Securing ICS: Becoming an Industrial Cyber Security Professional course has been designed to provide those at IT/OT operator or equivalent level with an enhanced understanding of today’s cyber security challenges facing their ICS environments. This knowledge is vital when managing the day-to-day running of all aspects of security risk for those environments.

This course will show students how to combine IT, Operational Technology (OT), Physical Security, or Facilities Management disciplines to best support their organization’s cyber security and risk reduction strategies for their ICS environments across multiple industry sectors. In addition, it will provide students with the knowledge level required to challenge the GICSP® certification.

This course has no prerequisites, and a configured laptop is required (configuration instructions are provided). However, all attendees need a good understanding of either basic IT or OT skills. In addition, a course handbook is provided that can be used for the exam (which is an open-book exam).

What You Will Learn

By the end of the course, you will be familiar with the following:

  • What exactly is an ICS?
  • How to identify the current and emerging threats to your ICS environments
  • Where your ICS environments may be vulnerable
  • What actions may you need to take to secure those environments and help reduce the risk to your organization, nation, and supply chain
  • How to prepare for and handle a cyber security incident in an ICS environment
  • The need for structured Security Awareness and Training
  • Prepare for the exam

Benefits of Training at 327 Solutions

  1. Pass your exam, guaranteed (if you don’t pass, you’ll be coached until you do)
  2. Intensive Authorized Virtual-Live or Physical-Site Training
  3. YOUR live class is recorded and turned into eLearning with 3-months of access via the student portal


• ICS Basics (for non-OT attendees)

Cyber security essentials (for OT attendees)

• ICS Security governance and security risk

ICS Architecture

Access Management

Physical Security

ICS Security Assessments

ICS Security Monitoring

Cyber Incident Management

Cyber TTX

Exam Preparation (please note that the cost of the GICSP exam is not included in the course cost)

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