Workshop Development

Instructor-Led Workshops (ILT)

When properly implemented, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) offers unique and powerful benefits including one-on-one interaction, intensive labs, and comradery. ILT is highly effective in knowledge and skill transfer, and when it comes to team building, ILT has few rivals.

With hundreds of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in our database, we can develop high-quality, impactful, and budget-sensitive workshops across industries.

Blended Learning Workshops

When you need to maximize learning’s investment and impact while supporting multiple generations, a blended model is best. As students want to learn when they need to and want to, this always-on mentality is driving exciting technological advances.

Our learning architects align the best resources and tools that will maximize each program's success.

Virtual Instructor Led Workshops (vILT)

ILT training ability does not just easily translate into a virtual environment. Virtual Instructor-Led Training or (vILT) is where a facilitator delivers content through a synchronous web platform to students in multiple locations.

Instructional design approaches differ in these environments. Learners need to be managed differently and for facilitators, there are new skills that must be attained and leveraged in a vILT environment. 327 Solutions has been doing this for decades and looks forward to helping.